Mobile Processing with PayFox

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  • Why PayFox?

    Imagine installing new plumbing fixtures for a customer at her home and being able to take her credit card payment while you’re still there. Or meeting a builder at his work site, finalizing a contract and taking a deposit without having to wait for his check to clear.

    If you’ve got PayFox, you can do all this and much more. You’re ready to do business.

    How PayFox Pays for Your Business

    • Works like a regular credit card terminal
    • Lets you accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express® and signature debit cards
    • Features a single-screen entry for speed and convenience
    • Offers safe and secure data transmission via SSL connection, with verification or decline notification within seconds
    • Provides advanced fraud detection with address verification support alerts
    • Supports geo-location technology for mapping transactions on e-receipts
    • Lets you add on gratuities or tips
    • Reduced processing fees through mobile swipe capability
    • Uses recommended card reader (priced separately) to swipe cards and complete transactions in seconds – no need to manually type card numbers
    • Allows mobile device contacts to be added to a transaction
    • Lets you email receipts